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How Do You Clean Cowhide Rugs?

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With the increasing trend in the interior designing industry cowhide rugs are becoming the most effective designing element. People love to add these rugs in their living room, guest room, bedroom, or even outside. Cowhide area rugs are the most intuitive piece of interior decor you can have in your home.

These rugs Dubai not only play an effective role in enhancing the look of your house but also add a fair lease of warmth to your space. These rugs are luxurious enough to specifically enhance the entire interior. With the classic features, these rugs also add unique corners that’ll surely be loved by the people around you.

The important thing to note here is that most people complain about experiencing some kind of allergies from these rugs. This can be possible if you don’t clean your rugs or you may not know how to clean cowhide rugs. Well, if you are any of the above-mentioned concerns then we are here to help you with the best solutions & a proper cowhide rug cleaning guide.

Various Methods To Clean Cowhide Rugs

Although cleaning a cowhide is no science then following some effective remedies that are supposed to be used with proper care. It is a straightforward process that requires few effective cleaning equipment’s.

To help you effortlessly maintain & clean your cowhide rug we are here with the best trending methods that are being used for cowhide cleaning. Let’s have a look!

1. Start With Shaking The Rug

To move the dust that is being stuck in the fibers of your cowhide rug shaking is a great method. All you have to do is to take your rug outside and shake it off. Vacuuming can clean the dust but it may fail to get every particle out from the rug. So, if you consider jerking it off & then maximum dust will come out of the rug.

This is the simplest method to keep the rug clean & long-lasting, this is because when the dust article stays inside the fibers it may damage the inner layer of the rug. Just shake it off & your rug will be free from dust.

2. Vacuuming is Great Practice

Here comes your daily To-Do Task. Before we start, note that this step should be part of your regular cleaning routine. Vacuuming a cowhide rug is not different than other rugs. The reason to vacuum your rug is to keep it neat and clean.

What you need to do is to consider attaching a hose with your vacuum for a better suction or you can attach a dust buster instead. Vacuum your rug in the direction of the fibers or hairs. But be sure to check the brushes are not spinning on the vacuum so they may not be stuck in between the process.

3. Clean Your Cowhide Rug By Brushing It

This is also the one task that needs to be done on a regular basis. You’ll be delighted to know that this easy maintenance can make your rug look new. If on the off chance some of the dust and debris remain in the carpet fibers then that can be effectively removed with the brushing.

It can help you to remove sturdy dust particles and make your rug look fresh again. You can go for using a brush with a few hard bristles to ensure the proper cleanup.

4. Use Detergents To Remove Stains

It is not that your rug can only get dirty with dust and debris. Sometimes you may accidentally spill something on your rug that leaves a stain on it. So, in order to get rid of that here, you go with the best method to use a bar of dishwashing soap or shampoo to clean that stain.

You can use them by mixing them in the water. This is one of the effective remedies that you can use to remove stains from the rug. Use a piece of cloth or a towel, dip in the water and detergent solution and scrub it over the stain. This will surely work and the stain will fade soon.

5. Consider Using A Brush To Remove Other Sturdy Stains

There are some stains that can be removed with the water and detergent solution but some stains are sturdy enough that they can’t get rid of easily. To help you get rid of those stains here are solutions with the type of stains.

  • Grease Stains

Grease stains are very sturdy and sticky. It’s quite hard to remove them with a simple cloth. So you need a brush with hard bristles to scrape it away from the rug and then you can consider cleaning that area with soap or shampoo.

  • Removing Food Stains

Food stains are not hard to get rid of. Just use a butter knife or brush and rub it over the area to remove the stains.

On the off chance if the stains are still there you can use a mixture of water and white vinegar, which is effective for these kinds of stains. White vinegar acts as a solvent for these and quickly removes the stain and you can wipe it off with the cloth.

Final Verdict!

There are some kinds of rugs that need extensive cleaning & maintenance routine followed by a list of steps. Congratulations! This is not the case with cowhide rugs, they can be cleaned with just a little attention and a few effective cleaning techniques.

Just focus on the methods mentioned above to clean your rugs. If you consider following these you’ll surely have durable, reliable, long-lasting & for sure attractive rugs. Hope these methods are easy to follow and you’ll end up having a great cleaning routine for your cowhide rug!

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