6 Myths About Wood Flooring

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Wood flooring, being the natural flooring, is the prior choice for many homeowners. Everyone loves the natural appeal of wood in their home. It has been more than centuries that flooring is considered a great choice.

Everything about this flooring is perfect from durability to reliability to the much-needed visual appeal. But with everything people do have to go through listening to some kinds of myths about this flooring. The main concern of writing this piece of information for you is to let you know what those common myths are & how you can excuse these while making wood floors the best flooring for your home.

Let’s Talk About The Common 6 Myths About Wooden Flooring

I know you are also a big fan of wood floors for their natural and appealing beauty and the elegance that is being integrated by this floor. For the years of use, there are several myths that have cropped up about flooring types.

With the popular choice to be used by a high percentage of homeowners, there are some who actually refuse to get this flooring installed & this is because of their misconceptions about the wooden floors. In this article, we’ll be discussing the most common 6 myths about wooden flooring options. Let’s have a look!

Myths About Wooden Flooring

Misconception #1: Wood Floors are Expensive

Although it is not wrong to say that a reliable, durable, and appealing thing will surely have a big cost. But not to go for the best thing because the cost is actually not the gentle act. To talk about wood floors, it is one of the cost-effective flooring options. Among the trendiest flooring choices that are being used nowadays, wood floor stands at the top floor also for its cost-effectiveness.

This superb floor when installed properly and maintained with the full concern can last for many years (10 – 20 years). Moreover, wood flooring options can be refinished and sanded several times to maintain the perfect look. For recovering the luster and beauty of your floor you can refinish it many times. The main concern to let you know these facts about flooring is to make you comfortable with your flooring option. Wood flooring is one of the best GO-TO options and a great long-term investment.

Misconception #2: It Is Difficult To Maintain Wood Floors

Hardwood floors are easy to maintain. You don’t have to go for hectic cleaning options or will not require a lot of extra maintenance equipment. You just need a regular sweep, dust mop, or vacuum. All these items will be used to remove the dust or debris from the floorboards, which is not hard to do.

Make sure not to use steam mops & wet mops on wood floors as humidity or moisture can damage the floor. Water or moisture can be absorbed in the wood fiberboards & can ruin the look and luster of the floor. You must consider cleaning your wood floor immediately if they are subjected to any type of spill. For the dull and dry look of the floor, you can consider refinishing the floor.

Misconception #3: Wood Floors Can Scratch Easily

Regardless of your flooring option, consider the floor that will not scratch over time. But the misconception about wood floors that it begins to sweat easily is actually not true. In Fact, this is the only flooring option that can be easily repaired and returned to its natural and appealing look again. It has been seen that the most scratches that we see on wood floors are actually on the finish not on the floor. That is actually very much easy to retain back or recover.

The finish can be repaired by abrading the floor and finishing it again. However, if the scratches go deeper in the floor then you can consider sanding your floor, and afterward refinishing can make it look great again. This issue can be minimized by taking some considerable precautions and keeping your floor protected from getting scratched.

Best Cleaned Wooden Floors

Misconception #4: Wood Floors Tend To Show Dirt And Dust More Than Other Flooring Options

We all know Wood is available in a variety of colors and finishes. From the natural wood color to the variety of finishes used you may have seen a bit of darker shades. The misconception about the floor that it tends to show dirt and dust more than other flooring options is wrong.

As the color of the wood is dark & It is actually a benefit of this floor that any type of dust and debris is not visible until it is in much quantity. Moreover, if there is some kind of more or less dust on your wood floor then you can immediately clean it off as it is not hard to clean the floor.

Misconception #5: Wood Floors Don’t Provide Any Warmth To A Room

Wood basically has a warm feel & perfectly contributes well to the warmth of a room. This is a great flooring option in terms of thermal insulation & the aesthetic value of the floor. This type of flooring actually has an exceptional intensity of warmth and significantly insulates the overall place where it is installed. It is much warmer than other flooring options.

It also has five times more insulation properties than laminate or concrete blocks. Wood floors maintain warmth from heating systems, HVAC systems, or radiant heat systems. This helps in increasing a room’s total physical warmness.

Misconception #6: Hardwood Floors Are All The Same

Hardwood is known to be the most flexible flooring material. All the flooring options are quite different from one another in terms of reliability, durability, and visual appeal. Quite a huge number of hardwood species come in a variety of styles and finishes, so they are not all the same. All are available in different colors, shades & their properties.


Homes with wood flooring have a lot of value and charm. They last a lifetime and are well worth the money you spend on them. You may enjoy wood floors for a lifetime if you have a clear awareness of their limitations, features, strengths, as well as their beauty and service.

However, in order to make an informed decision on the sort of flooring that is best for your house, you must distinguish between myths and reality.

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