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How To Protect Hardwood Floors From Christmas Trees?

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Christmas, surely an eve of happiness. A perfect occasion for everyone full of joy and happiness. What makes Christmas more special is the Christmas tree. Everyone loves to make Christmas trees and decorate them as well. Hardwood floors are usually the biggest element that enhances the comfort to walk and move around at Christmas.

But it has been seen that floors got damaged during the hassle of celebration. That’s the reason people want to know about “ How To Protect Hardwood Floors From Christmas Trees?”. People wanted to preserve their flooring from the overall Christmas holiday decorations. Because real Christmas trees can ruin your floor in several ways.

Before we look at precautionary measures to protect your hardwood floors from the Christmas Tree, let us know how the Christmas tree damages your floor.

Protect Hardwood Floors From Christmas Trees

Expected Damages that Your Hardwood Floor Get From Your Christmas Tree

Having a hardwood floor that is properly cared for and has been doing great for many years is a blessing. See how Christmas trees can damage the floor:

Damage From Water

If you want to decorate your house with a real tree, you will need to water it throughout the season to keep it fresh. To avoid spillage, consider using a proper amount of water for your Christmas tree. Water might seep out of the trunk’s base and harm your floors if there isn’t sufficient drainage. And due to this the excessive moisture in a room can warp and discolor your hardwood floors.

Sticky Sap

A sticky residue left on your floors by the sap from a genuine Christmas tree can be tough to clear. If you move the tree into the home or install it without the proper barrier against the floor, you risk getting debris on your floors.

Pine Needles May Fall Over The Floor

The pointed pine needles that add to the beauty of a Christmas tree may harm floors. As you move the tree around your house, these little bits may fall on your hardwood floors. When your Christmas decoration item is dried, it may also drop some greenery.

Best Ways to Protect Your Wood Floor From a Christmas Tree

Let’s look at the solution that you may adopt to protect your wooden floor from Christmas trees;

Consider Cleaning The Area Before You Install The Tree

To avoid the dust and debris staying along with the tree stand, you must consider cleaning the area first. The area where you want to keep your Christmas tree must be properly maintained and tidy. You can clean the floor using a microfibre cloth or you can also use a vacuum with normal settings.

If you are considering using any type of liquid solution then you should check the guarantee that it’ll not harm your floor. Moreover, any moisture or humidity on your floor must be cleaned as soon as possible as it may absorb into the floor.

Use A Tree Stand To Protect Your Floor

Using a tree stand is a perfect alternative for protecting your floor from a Christmas tree. This will surely keep the pine needles, water & Sap out of reach from your floor.

This stand will also keep your Christmas tree hydrated with a considerable amount of water. Make sure to keep the felt pads in between the stand and floor to keep your floor free from scratches.

Be Sure To Add A Drainage Tray To Prevent Your Floor From Water Damage

To grow and look green your tree must be needing water. Watering your tree on a daily basis will produce moisture that may spill into your floorboards. A drainage tray is a great innovation in order to keep the moisture and perfect water drainage for floor protection. A pretty colorful tray will add more flair to the look of your Christmas tree.

Tree Mat Can Be A Good Way To Protect Your Floor

Like fancy doormats, there is also a quality tree mat. Most people consider using towels or bed sheets that actually don’t stop water or moisture from reaching the floor.

If you want to properly protect your floor then tree mats are the best GO-TO option. These mats are not only good for water and moisture but also keep the pine needles out of reach to the hardwood floor and that’ll be easy to collect and clean.

Keep Pine Needles Out Of Your Home

Before you take the Christmas tree inside your home, you must shake it well so that all the dry needles will fall down. You can consider using a black rubbish bag to cover your tree for moving it inside your home.

This will catch any of the debris that falls on the surface. To avoid your floor from scratching you must consider vacuuming the pine needles off the floor once a day.

Keep Watering Your Christmas Tree With A Considerable Amount

The main reason for falling pine needles is that your tree gets dry. If you consider watering your tree with a considerable amount then you can minimize this. Your tree will be hydrated and the pine needles will no longer fall on the surface.

Be Careful When Taking Down Your Tree

After you have finished celebrating your Christmas eve, you should consider carefully disposing of your Christmas tree. To keep your floor clean or dirt off your floor and pine needles that fall, consider laying a sheet from the tree stand to the door. Or an alternate way could be, covering your tree with a plastic bag and then moving it out.

Drain The Water From The Stand

When your Christmas tree is out in the open, carefully transport the stand and tray to a nearby sink and drain them. If you spill something on your wood flooring, blot it up right away to prevent it from sinking in.

Clean The Floors

Clean the area to eliminate any residue after you’ve thrown out your Christmas tree and packed up the stand, skirt, and mat. Remove pine needles and sap from the floor using a hardwood vacuum or a microfiber cloth. When you’re through, make sure your flooring is completely dry.

Refinish Your Flooring After The Holidays

If you want to refinish your floors with a layer of water- or oil-based polyurethane, wait until after the Christmas tree has been removed. The treatment will hide any scratches on the floor and make your hardwood more water-resistant.

In The End!

The above-listed precautionary measures to protect hardwood floors from Christmas trees are very much easy and common to follow. You can go with these easy tricks to keep your floor protected and make your Christmas eve more enjoyable!

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