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Flooring Mats Dubai welcomes you to explore a trendsetting and highly budget-friendly collection of Carpets In Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

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Meet The Top Rated Suppliers of Carpets in Dubai

Our brand is renowned for providing the finest quality carpets at pocket-friendly prices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. At our shop, you can find the most versatile options of small and large floor carpets for every residential and commercial space, to enjoy instant comfort and area beautification around you. Other than carpets, we also provide installation services and unique customizations on a budget.


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Improve Your Interior’s Comfort by Getting Our Carpets Online

Our premium designer carpets offer both visual and physical comfort in an everlasting manner. These floor coverings are incredibly plush underfoot, maintain warmth indoors, and are the best to make floors anti-slip. They are completely kid and pet-friendly and can be used outdoors too. You can get instant quotations for buying our Carpets Dubai online and can also visit our shop in Dubai to explore the latest styles.

Our floorings are suitable for both modern and traditional decor themes.

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Top Dubai Carpeting 2024 Types by Us

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Luxury Natural Carpets

We provide premium-quality silk and wool carpets in multiple sizes and classy patterns for creating eye-catching decoration themes.

Wall-to-wall Synthetic Carpeting

Our polypropylene, nylon, sisal, and jute carpets make perfect floor and staircase treatments for enhanced indoor insulation, comfort, & aesthetics.

Premium Area Carpets

Our carpetings are available in versatile sizes and shapes for every decor, they work for excellent furniture anchoring and accentuating.

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Benefits Of Using Our Carpets In Your Area

Our premium-grade soft floor coverings work as both decorative elements and comfort enhancers. Even if you don’t want to spend on any other decor, you can make a great difference in the look and feel of any space with our carpets. Also, we can design these floorings in specialized versions to fulfill every requirement of yours.

Floor Safety & Comfort

Our thick soft-coverings make all floors completely safe and anti-slip to walk over and hold objects in place too.

Area Warmth & Insulation

These soft floor coverings with underlayment’s offer a delightful warmth underfoot while also retaining interior heat and preventing discomfort.

Energy Efficiency & Balancing

Adding our carpets to any place will instantly improve energy efficiency by offering natural insulation and temperature balancing.

Hygiene & Air Quality

Adding our carpets is the best way to improve indoor air quality; they are low-VOC and effectively keep allergens and microbes away.

Looking For Ways To Beautify Your Places?

Give us a call or simply send an email and get state-of-the-art floor carpeting services right away, no matter where you live in Dubai.

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Premium Products 

Our carpets are designed to last for the longest period in all settings and prove to be value for money.

Exemplary Treatments

We provide the quickest and most flawless carpet fitting services for every subfloor type, problematic area, and all requirements.

Additional Services

You can benefit from our free-of-cost services such as instant pricing quotes, area measurements, consultations, fiber sampling, repairs, and replacements.

All-time Availability 

You can get our Floor Carpets online round the clock and get other services and help promptly as well.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Of course, our Carpets Dubai are multifunctional and available in several small sizes and shapes to be used as area rugs. You can place them in all areas, next to staircases, and even use them as welcome matting or floor covering at entrances, walkways, or in other desired spaces.

Placing small carpets on top of large ones is an interesting way to enhance the beauty, comfort, and visual coziness of a room. Most people do it for area-styling purposes as the layering adds texture and vibrancy to a space. This also increases warmth in the room and improves the floor’s safety as well.

Carpet fibers have two main types; natural and synthetic (man-made) fibers. Common natural fiber options include Wool, Silk, Sisal, Jute, Cotton, Coir, Hemp, and Seagrass. As for synthetic choices, the major ones are Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Acrylic, Viscose, and several other options.

The level of comfort provision offered by a carpet depends on its construction material (fiber type) and method. Natural fibers like silk or wool offer more comfort than synthetic ones. As for construction, carpets with high pile (thickness) density (weaving tightness) are more comfortable.

The durability of a carpet majorly depends on its usage manner and the extent of upkeep it receives. Regular cleaning and rotating are necessary for durability. Plus, the construction fiber can also have an impact on longevity; natural carpets are more long-lasting than synthetic ones.