Non-Slip Stair Treads Dubai

Stair Treads Dubai should be capable to fold the edges of the stairs safely so the chances of falling will get reduced.

Stair Treads Dubai – Prevent Slips and Falls

Stairs are an important part of your house because most trafficking is found on the stairs. Our step treads protect against any wear and tear and help people to prevent slips and falls. It prolongs the life of stairs and keeps your stairs free from stains and dust. Before selecting the Stair Treads Dubai and risers like color, texture, pile, etc the most important thing to consider is the thickness of the mat, it should be long-lasting and able to absorb wear and tear quickly.

Typically, we will supply the granite stair treads with a slip-resistant feature. Standard sizes of our antislip stair treads are 250mm and 280mm wide x 800mm, 1000mm, and 1200mm long. Customized sizes are available on request.

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Features and Benefits of Stair Treads Dubai

Stair treads are the flat planes or surfaces that people step on when climbing up or down a set of stairs. Antislip strips for stairs are commonly made using a variety of materials like steel, wood and plastic and covered with carpets and anti-slip rubber covers.

Now let’s have a look at important aspects of Stair Treads Dubai. 

  • It Helps to Improve Aesthetics
  • Extending the Life of Your Staircase
  • These are Easy to Replace.
  • These nonslip steps are easily available because they are famous in the market.
  • Nosing is that part of the stair treads that protrude beyond the riser these stair treads reduce the noise of stairs.
  • Apart from providing additional comfort, these treads offer added features like slip-resistance, -visibility, and -protection.

Different Types of Stair Treads Dubai

Stair treads are available in different styles and types of market competitive prices. Let’s explore some common types of stair treads that are available in the market.

Wood Stair Treads are being made to feel a bit comfortable after walking on the hardwood. It helps to feel relaxed. It gives relaxation to the mind. We can customize the length of the mat. The proper one will be those which can cover the edges of the stairs and grip it.

Pine Stair Tread is less expensive as compared to the hardwood. It will save you more money to spend on your other objects. Though it is less durable.

Rubber Stair Treads Dubai is cost-effective and durable. It is long-lasting for your indoor and outdoor stairways. It is easy to clean and maintain rubber stairs, and it reduces the chances of tolls and falls.

Outdoor Stair Treads are less expensive and long-lasting. It decreases the chances of falls. The tread should be comfy and customized. We are offering such types of treads that not only add value to your home decor but also reduce the cost of mats. These are easy to install at home with no hassle.

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We are concerned about public safety and offer you secure stair treads. We are also dedicated to the quality and character of your building design. Our Stair Treads Dubai meets and exceeds safety surface specifications. Stair tread inserts are slip-resistant, durable. We have a variety of treads available.

These are completely customized according to the customers’ needs. The services of our experts are one call away. Our experts are waiting to serve you. All you just need is to make a call for our services then, from choosing the right mat for your home to installing it in the best possible way in time is all our responsibility. Customer satisfaction is our priority.