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Flooring Mats Dubai brings you the finest-grade wooden flooring in Dubai in various trendsetting designs. This floor treatment is the perfect choice for every use. Book our expert installation services now.

Enhance Your Home Decor with Our Solid Wooden Flooring in Dubai

Our luxury wooden flooring is one of the most durable treatments trending in the UAE. Featuring classic wooden beauty, these floors offer the most incredible and timeless beautification for your residential and commercial places. And with the latest style options available, you can adorn any space with our wood floors!

This durable hardwood flooring in Dubai can be considered for every decor setting and is the most guaranteed way to bring luxury, comfort, and warmth to your interiors. It does work wonders for commercial setups and proves to be maximally cost-effective. Their durability and attractive texture make them the most desirable flooring solution in the UAE.

Wooden Flooring Dubai
Wooden Floors

Advantages of Getting Wooden Flooring Dubai

Our premium-grade wooden flooring comes in both solid and engineered versions. With the help of our experts, you can easily choose the most suitable choice for your place. These wood floors are made to add luxury to your place. This treatment will make your interiors stand out for decades.

In addition, this flooring is low-maintenance plus resistant to cracking, discoloration, moisture, contraction, expansion, and general wear and tear. It’s a wonderful recommendation for the outdoors and all high-foot-traffic areas. Contact us now to get cost-effective wooden flooring in Dubai.

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Our Latest Wooden Flooring Styles 2023

Wooden Flooring Dubai is simply the most value-for-money investment to consider if you’re planning on a home improvement, as it will remain serviceable for years straight, that too, with a low-cost upkeep.

Wooden Flooring
Wooden Flooring
Wooden Flooring Dubai
Wooden Flooring Dubai
Wooden Flooring Dubai
Wooden Flooring Dubai

We Offer Different Types of Wooden Flooring in UAE

We provide a versatile range of flooring at a reasonable price range. Choosing a complementing wooden flooring style for your places from our collection will be the most fascinating.

Whether you’re searching for heavy-duty commercial flooring or want a low-maintenance residential flooring treatment, our collection will provide the right flooring for every type of place. In addition to the predefined styles, you can get personalized textures of luxury wood floors from us.

With a high-quality selection of exotic wood species, we provide you with rich grain flooring. They go well with the rest of the furniture and decor of your surroundings. These are a few featured types of hardwood floors at our store.

  • Faux Wooden Flooring Dubai

Faux wood flooring is manufactured using thin fiberboard, and the top layer of this flooring looks like artificial hardwood. This flooring creates an attractive and elegant look in your place and offers comfort underfoot.

faux wooden flooring
  • Wooden Plank Flooring

The most popular species for wooden plank flooring are Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, and Pecan. This flooring is also made with plywood and hybrid materials simultaneously. These planks are similar to the laminate flooring, available in different patterns and textures.

Wooden plank Flooring
Wooden plank Flooring
  • Engineered Wood Flooring in Dubai

Engineered wood flooring is 14mm thick and has three or four wood layers. This flooring is glued together to create a plank. If engineered wooden flooring in Dubai becomes damaged, it can be restored to its original finish. The mechanism to install this flooring is click-and-lock, eliminating the need for any adhesive or glue.

Engineered Wood Flooring
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Get Professional Installation of Wooden Flooring from Our Team

If you’re looking for local wooden flooring suppliers and installers in the UAE, you’ve come to the right place. We offer you expert flooring installation services with perfection, making your investment secure. Our experienced crew is equipped with the expert skills and latest tools to install wooden flooring in Dubai.

In addition to that, we also provide free measurements and cost-effective installation services. You can get amazing flooring texture ideas and free samples from our experts. We help our customers to select the best flooring for their homes and offices. At our platform, you can obtain the finest wood floor installation services at an affordable price!

Featured Wood Floor Samples

Wooden Flooring
Wooden Flooring Dubai
Wooden Flooring Dubai
Wooden Flooring Dubai
Wooden Flooring Dubai
Wooden Flooring Dubai

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Our luxury hardwood flooring can last literally for a century, as they tend to be serviceable for up to 50 years at least. This makes our flooring one of the most fruitful investments for your home or workplace. And with on-time maintenance, you can always enhance their life span and beauty.

The quality of wooden flooring depends on the wooden species chosen for its construction. Some of the most durable species choices are Ash, Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Maple, and often Bamboo. And the rest of the longevity can be obtained with good upkeep. But, flooring made of oak wood is considered to be the most stylish and durable.

Yes, our solid wood flooring is the ideal recommendation for treating a staircase, plus the installation is also convenient. Treating and enhancing your stairs with wooden flooring will bring more aesthetic elegance, safety, insulation, and underfoot comfort.

Wooden flooring in Dubai is one of the most flexible flooring treatments. They can be installed on any and every type of subfloor, including concrete. The only factor that needs to be taken care of is to achieve a damage-free and clean subfloor, which must be perfectly leveled.

Flooring Mats Dubai offers the finest quality wooden flooring in Dubai at affordable prices. There are many reasons to choose our flooring company, like quality installation, free measurements, design customization, and luxurious finishing. You can get long-lasting wood floors for homes and offices at our store.

Why Choose Us?

Flooring Mats Dubai is the best platform for buying your home’s most durable and attractive flooring treatments. Our wooden flooring is of the highest build quality and comes in different designs and styles. In addition to that, we also provide flawless installation services for all residential and commercial settings.

Being the best wooden flooring supplier in Dubai, we also help you choose suitable flooring according to your interior decor. We aim to ensure value-for-money investments for you. Contact us now and enjoy amazing discounts on the trendiest wooden flooring in the UAE.

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