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Need furniture upgrades? Get our finest-grade Upholstery treatments to design the most unique and comfy furniture pieces at budget-friendly rates.

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We Provide Luxurious & Long Lasting Upholstery Dubai Services

Flooring Mats Dubai offers the widest range of Upholstery Fabric in Dubai for all kinds of new and old furniture treatments. Our high-quality and heavy-duty fabrics for furniture upholstering and covering are available at pocket-friendly prices and you can create the most attractive-looking items with them. Get in touch today to discover the latest options for your needs!


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Enjoy Luxurious Home Furnishing with Our Upholstery Treatment  

Our brand is amongst the best upholstery providers in Dubai and nearby cities. With us, you can give your home and office decor a renewed look instantly and on a budget. We provide specialized design options for every casual and deluxe furniture upholstery and you can get all kinds of customizations too. All our upholstery fabric types have an excellent build quality, are highly wear-resistant, and make it easy to effectively revive every type of furnishing.

Luxurious And Hard-wearing Sofa Upholstery Dubai

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Preserve Your Valuable Furniture With Our Upholstering Services

Got any precious and/or heirloom furniture items? Get them reserved for ages with our premium-quality and luxurious upholstery products and services. We have a huge range of specialized fabrics for treating valuable sofas, couches and upholstered chairs. You can get the exact fabric as the existing one or give a new look to your desired item and make it beautiful by many folds.In addition to making your seating furniture attractive, this treatment will also make them useful for several years on end. Besides, it’s the best way to restore furniture with tears, depressions or stains, making them alluring like new without compromising their value.

Latest Upholstery Fabric Options at Our Shop

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Real Leather Upholstery

Our 100% real leather upholstery can last for ages and is the best option to design the most opulent-looking sofas, couches, chairs, and headboards

Polyester Outdoor Upholstery

This fabric works wonders for both indoor and outdoor uses and is highly resistant against moisture, sun, damage and abrasion, plus very easy to clean

Organic Cotton Upholstery

This fabric is completely breathable, stain-resistant, durable, tear-resistant, hypoallergenic, pet-friendly, and best for casual furniture upholstering and reupholstering. Also it’s available in many unique designs

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Advantageous Features

Notable Benefits Of Using Our Upholstery Fabric Dubai

Our finest fabrics for furniture upholstery make it easy to restore every kind of furnishing in no time while giving it the most eye-catching appearance. You can beautify both new and old sofas, couches, and chairs with these fabrics and also your bed headboards for a high-end look. For a quick overview, we’ve streamlined the rest of the benefits ahead.

Maximum Comfort And Warmth

Our sofa upholstery services make every furniture item extremely inviting, comfortable, and warm while providing perfect posture support and improving blood circulation.

Easy Care And Cleaning

All our fabrics for upholstery are fade-resistant, odor-free, mold-resistant, and very easy to care for, because they do not get stained easily.

Wear And Tear Resistance

All sofa and couch upholstery fabrics available at our shop can be used in every high-traffic area without any damage or discoloration.

Cost Effective And Durable

Our furniture covering and upholstering fabrics make every item last long and remain beneficial all along. These fabrics offer budget-friendly furniture treatments and styling.

Want Budget Friendly Furniture Improvement Services 

Give us a call today or schedule a free appointment to discuss the condition of your home or office sofas and other furniture for the best restoring solutions.

Get Hard-wearing Custom Upholstery For Statement Interior Furnishing

Why Choose Us?

Quick Upgrades

We provide the fastest and most flawless restoring, designing, and covering services for every kind of furniture.

Free Samples

You can get free upholstery fabric samples from us for instant quality evaluation and interior decor matches.

Flawless Repairs 

In addition to sofa upholstery and reupholstery, we also provide efficient fixing and repairs for sofa frames.

Long-lasting Services 

Furniture treated with our innovative Upholstery fabrics remains beautiful, comfortable and stain-free for years straight.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

For selecting the best fabric for sofa upholstery, you need to consider the usage extent and decor requirements of the area where you’ll be keeping your sofa. Look for fabrics that can withstand regular usage, stains and pet damage. Besides, you should prioritize easy to clean options.

The main purpose of upholstery is to make furniture soft, comfortable, and usable while also increasing its structural stability. Additionally, it also enhances the aesthetic value of the furnishing and keeps it protected from all kinds of damage. Upholstering can also be done to restore old and worn-out furniture.

Peroxide is a mild substitute to harsh chemicals and can be used for stain removal purposes but it is very important to employ it carefully. You can use it for removing stains of blood, grass, and food from upholstery but do a patch test before the usage to identify any adverse effects.

Some of the best recommendations for upholstery fabrics are Real Leather, Cotton, Polyester, Linen, Faux Leather and Wool. All these options are great for residential use, offer a reasonable level of durability, and are also very versatile for creating different kinds of furniture looks.

Traditional upholstery is a valuable and classic treatment that involves natural and luxurious fabrics, usage of hand tools, and old techniques for creating furniture that has remarkable looks, is highly durable, comfortable, and value-for-money, plus best suits traditional decors.