Get Our Stylish SPC Plank Flooring to Beautify Your Space

If you are looking for something exceptional that can adorn your living space instantly, then getting our trendy SPC plank Dubai flooring is a great option. We offer the most durable and stylish SPC luxury vinyl plank flooring treatments. With our luxurious flooring options, you can create an inviting place, thanks to their natural-looking textures.

Many homeowners choose our best SPC Flooring Dubai to give their homes the most attractive look. We deliver vast flooring options that are flexible to match your home interior. Our professionals are known for installing SPC floors with perfection. We provide high-quality flooring at an incredibly affordable cost.

We Offer the Most Durable SPC Plank Flooring in Dubai

Our rigid flooring core is the most sustainable, environment friendly, manufactured with A-Grade material to last for many years. The upper layer of this flooring is completely resistant to temperature changes and harsh chemicals. This flooring is designed with a durable 4-layer, making it a widely used option globally.

The four layers include a backing, SPC core, printed vinyl, and wear layer. You can reduce the noise of your place by installing this flooring. Our flooring is designed with high-definition natural wood textures. We have kept the SPC plank flooring prices lower in Dubai than other flooring companies. You can also get other types of this flooring, like SPC tiles and sheet flooring

best quality SPC Flooring in UAE



Benefits of Our Premium SPC Planks

  • Durability: If durability is your concern, SPC floor solution is the best for you. Its multi-layer surface keeps it in good condition for years, withstanding many damaging factors.
  • Water resistance: Our SPC floors do not allow water to penetrate. Their wear layer does not absorb water, which makes it suitable flooring for moisture-prone areas.
  • Scratch resistance: You will not see any scratches on its shiny surface. A luxurious finishing layer is applied to make it scratch resistant.
  • Versatile design options: Our SPC Planks are available in various designs, making them versatile. You can install these floors in both classic and modern interiors.
  • Noise reduction: Extra noise in your place can be reduced by installing our SPC flooring Dubai with quality pre-attached underlayment. This will make your homes comfortable and quiet.

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Where Our SPC Plank Floors Can Be Installed?

  • Hospitals: This floor type comes with an easy maintenance feature, which will help you save time and cost for regular cleaning.
  • Offices: You can create a professional interior look for your workspace with this alternative of high-end floorings.
  • Homes: We offer the most stylish designs and textures of SPC planks in Dubai for your luxury villas and apartments.
  • Public Areas: High traffic cannot fade or damage this heavy-duty flooring. Buy this for public areas with heavy foot traffic.

Contact Us for Customization of SPC Floors In The UAE

Our SPC flooring is getting hyped in the UAE. You can enjoy the appearance of high-end floors with our SPC flooring Dubai. We help our customers find the most suitable design and color.

At our company, you can get the custom sizes and thicknesses of SPC planks. We can customize the shades or textures of our planks, also. You will find the ideal flooring solution in our extensive collection.


Hire Our Professional Team for SPC Planks Installation

Flooring Mats Dubai specializes in providing and installing high-end flooring solutions in the UAE. We specialize in installing SPC flooring, which can be installed in both residential and commercial places. We’ve earned a reputation for offering premium quality planks and top-notch installation services.

Our experts use the latest equipment for the installation of this plank flooring. They will make your uneven floors smooth by placing the underlayment or padding. You will get every solution to your floor-related concerns at our store. Get the most stylish and durable flooring installed by our experts. Book a free appointment now.

Why Choose Us?

We recommend SPC flooring in Dubai if you want something practical, durable, and trendy. SPC plank treatment is available for houses with extensive usage. We aim to deliver high-quality flooring solutions to meet our customers’ expectations. We provide quality floorings at the lowest possible prices and with outstanding customer servicing and after-sales support.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) is made of the most durable materials, including limestone, PVC, and other plasticizers. These heavy-duty materials make it a rigid yet comfortable floor solution. Its unique features make it a favourite choice for both residents and business owners.

There are no chances of cracking and fading of this flooring in high foot traffic areas. It is made of multiple layers, which keeps it intact and damage-free for years. You can install this flooring in high-traffic places without any worry.

Our SPC plank floors are made to last for more than 20 years. Their premium manufacturing and professional installation make them resistant to pressure, traffic, impact, and other damages. This will be an evergreen investment for your place.

A protective layer on the top of SPC planks keeps the flooring free from scratches and stains; this feature makes them the best choice to install in homes with pets. You can enjoy the shiny surface of this flooring for years on end.