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At Flooring Mats Dubai, we provide the most premium quality and heavy-duty Laminate Flooring Dubai for every area and setting.

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Transform your Buildings with Our Modern Laminate Flooring

We offer the widest options of durable laminate flooring for both residential and commercial buildings in Dubai. This flooring is extremely heavy-duty and can be a perfect fit for every area, from bedrooms to outdoors.


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Increase The Value Of Your Properties With Our Laminate Floorings

Our Laminate luxury flooring is known for its rich and authentic appearance, wide color choices, versatile texture options and immersive patterns. It can mimic the look of any desired floor and will provide improved comfort, visual interest, area usefulness and resale value. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly floor or entire decor upgrade, this flooring will be the best choice to invest in. Whether you’ve got traditional-style interiors or modern ones, we have a perfect laminate style available for every theme.

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Trendy Laminate Flooring at our Store

laminate wooden flooring

Laminate Wood Flooring

This flooring features multiple compressed layers of solid or engineered wood along with an extremely resilient wear layer for a luxurious wooden floor look

Laminate Embossed Flooring

This flooring stands out with its textured surface and high-definition wooden or stone prints, perfect for adding visual interest and depth to any interior

Laminate Distressed Flooring

This one is really unique due to the antique appearance and mild dings and nicks which also prove beneficial in hiding stains and marks

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Perks & Pros

Popular Benefits Of Our Laminate Flooring

This flooring is a beneficial and healthy home improvement and one of its foremost advantages is the fact that it improves indoor air quality. We’ve summed up the rest of the benefits ahead.

Economical Treatment

Our laminate flooring Dubai is highly budget-friendly, long-lasting and can help save money on expensive floor treatments

Easy Maintenance

It does not get stained quickly, and is resistant to scratch and moisture damages too, making the cleaning easy and minimally required

Noise Reduction

The thick and multi-layered structure of this flooring effectively reduces footstep sounds, echoes, and other noises for a calm and comfortable interior.

Eco Friendly

This environment-friendly floor has a completely non-toxic, renewable, odorless, and low VOC profile, and is a great choice for allergy sufferers too.

Energy Efficient

It keeps all interiors warm by retaining the heat and is excellent at reducing floor discomfort plus HVAC requirements, lessening energy expenses.

Want to Upgrade Floors and Decor?

Reach out to our experts, discuss your design and utility requirements and expectations, and get the most perfectly tailored flooring solutions in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

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Why Choose Us?

Wide Varieties 

Our Laminate Flooring Dubai is available in endless design, print, pattern, shade, and effect choices for highly distinctive floor looks.

Rapid Treatments

We provide fast and efficient laminate Dubai floor installations and you can get our services for every kind of subfloor.

Doorstep Sampling 

We supply laminate material samples free of cost to help you check the quality, final looks, colors, and richness of the planks.

Customization Possibilities

We also offer innovative design, color, print and logo customization services for the topmost design layer of laminate planks

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes, vinyl flooring can be easily installed on top of laminate flooring but it has to be in fine condition and free from dents, unevenness, and moisture damage. Moreover, the laminate subfloor must be cleaned thoroughly before fitting the vinyl flooring on top.

In general, installing laminate flooring in one room requires around 3 to 4 hours. In case of intricate projects or complexities of dealing with subfloors, the overall timeline can be extended. The final timeframe for the entire project depends on the number of rooms to be treated.

Of course, this flooring can be mopped but you need to make sure that the mop is damp only and not excessively wet. Also, do not mop the floor frequently, instead sweep it to clear out dirt. Using a specialty mop or a microfiber mop is the best approach to cleaning laminate floors.

Our laminate Dubai flooring is highly moisture-resistant and can withstand exposure to water up to a reasonable extent.

The best underlay material recommendations for laminate home flooring are cork, rubber, fiberboard, and foam. All these options are heavy-duty, great at noise reduction and insulation, and are easy to install too. If you want an affordable option, foam underlay is a great choice.