Can You Steam Clean Wool Rugs?

Wool rugs are the ultimate interior that every homeowner must have at their place. Along with adding a perfect visual appeal and sophistication, these rugs are perfect to be used in any area of your home. If you need to add warmth to your space then wool rugs are a great option for you.

In fact, I am sure if you are having a wool rug in your home then it must be the most loved item of your home. Besides every perk and benefit that the wool rugs offer, it is more important to keep your rug neat, clean, and fresh. Regular cleaning can clean the daily dust from the rug but what if your rug gets stained by any type of sticky spill that is hard to remove. With that concern, many people try to ask if they can steam clean wool rugs.

Well, if you go with the quick answer here I can say yes, you can. But there are some conditions. The main concern to write this article is to let you know about those conditions so that you may know when and how you can steam clean your wool rugs Dubai.

Different Ways To Steam Clean Your Wool Rugs

When it comes to cleaning your wool rugs, it is a bit tougher than cleaning normal cotton or synthetic fiber rugs. While steam cleaners work well on most area rugs, wool should be handled with caution. Steam cleaning your wool rug should not be your routine.

If you consider making it your routine that your wool rug has to go through some serious circumstances that won’t be able to recover. Go ahead reading this article to know about the different easy to steam clean wool rugs.

Go For Steam Cleaning For Severe Staining

If all other cleaning procedures have failed and you have a seriously spoiled wool area rug, a steam cleaner might be used as a last option. The intensive cleaning procedure offered by a steam cleaner will undoubtedly outperform more traditional wool cleaning methods.

There are some issues that occur afterward, that a number of wool rugs are woven on hemp or hessian background. This type of wool rug is highly absorbent and takes a long time to dry properly. This is because lanolin-rich real wool fosters mold development, it’s critical to fully dry a wool rug that’s been steam cleaned.

So you must be very careful while cleaning the wool rug with steam that the process must not last long, that it absorbs in the fibers and loosen its tight knots.

A Thorough Steam Cleaning That Avoid Wear & Tear

Steam cleaners are often large and heavy, and the steam injection heads can work at high pressure. To avoid scalding a wool area rug, apply steam at low pressure and move the head. The presence of lanolin in the fibers gives a wool area carpet its typical softness.

Heat readily degrades lanolin, causing the fibers to become rough and brittle. Although the muddy water from the steam cleaner may imply a thorough cleaning, only time will tell if part of that dirt was actually the lanolin being leached out of the wool.

Use Detergents With Steam Cleaner

While steam cleaning your wool rug you must consider using a detergent with it. This would make steam less damaging and clean your rug in considerably less time. So, in this way, your rug has to stay for a few minutes under the steam cleaner & there’ll be chances that the steam would affect the fibers of your rug.

You must make sure that wool should only be cleaned with the best of cleaning products, especially when using a steam cleaner. In the regular cleaning cycle, it’s also critical that the steam cleaner eliminates all residues of the detergent.

There is considerable stickiness that remains in the rug even after the cleaning process. This can make your rug fibred sticker and make them catch dust fast. So, after steam cleaning, you must consider cleaning your rug properly.

Dry Your Wool Rugs Right After The Steam Cleaning

If the wool area rug can be raised off the floor while it is drying after having steam cleaned, you must make sure not to let any kind of mold develop over it. Some steam cleaners employ a warm air circulation drying process.

However, this might damage wool fibers while dampening the rug backing. Because any type of mold that is developed in the wool fibers will keep the humidity inside and doesn’t let the rug completely dry. So to retain the appealing look of the rug back after the steam cleaning ensure that your rug is damp-free and can be placed anywhere in your home.

In The End!

So for your query “ can you steam clean wool rugs?” The answer is yes, but you must consider everything into consideration to ensure the reliability of your wool rug along with the cleanliness. A steam cleaner should be used to clean wool area rugs, it is rather safe to use while keeping the rug’s safety in mind. Steam heating should only be used once a year. This would make the damage chance less for your wool rugs.

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