Premium Quality Parquet Flooring Dubai

Parquet Flooring Dubai by Flooring Mats Dubai is the finest, most heavy-duty, and most durable flooring treatment, ideal for all residential and commercial places. Our exclusive Parquet Tiles treatment offers exceptional performance and is simply the best way to adorn your places for a lifetime.

Glamorize Your Places With Our Parquet Flooring Dubai

Our exquisite Parquet wooden flooring is one of the most high-end flooring treatments which turn out to be extremely promising in terms of both durability and aesthetics. The quality parquet tiles create an eye-catching floor featuring an eye-catching beauty, the best way to add enormous value to any and every interior.

Parquet Flooring Dubai is versatile enough to be used with both classic and contemporary decors as it appears timelessly attractive. Constructed from high-quality solid exotic and domestic hardwood species, these floors are simply the best choice if you’re a fan of wooden surfaces and all-natural decors.

Parquet Flooring Dubai

Explore The Versatile Versions Of Parquet Flooring Dubai 2023

Our parquet luxury flooring is one of the most versatile flooring treatments and comes within endless types in terms of wood species and respective construction. Ahead is a brief lineup of these classy versions and you can decide on any, depending on your interior styling preferences and surrounding decor.

white parquet flooring in UAE

white parquet flooring in UAE

white parquet flooring in home

white parquet flooring in home

White Parquet Flooring

Featuring the most elegant and minimalist yet attractive neutral colored profile, white parquet floors are a mind-blowing choice for all high-end interior settings. Besides, they appear exceptionally good in places like bedrooms and living rooms and are also a presentable choice for workspaces.

Oak Parquet Luxury Flooring

As you can guess by the name, this version of parquet luxury flooring features the Oak species in its construction, the reason for it being a popular wooden flooring choice. It’s one of the most widely used Parquet floor types, and its inviting appearance goes well with all surroundings.



Engineered natural oak parquet flooring

Engineered natural oak parquet flooring

walnut chevron parquet flooring in UAE

walnut chevron parquet flooring in UAE



Walnut Parquet Flooring

Walnut is another amazing wood species used for crafting parquet style floors and these are the best way to maximally enhance the value of your homes. The adorable look of walnut parquet surfaces adds a whole lot of pleasurable warmth to the surroundings, an extraordinary best option of dark and bold colored interiors.

Semi-Solid Parquet Wooden Flooring

This type is technically an engineered floor system, as it features a layered structure of solid hardwood atop a plywood base. It gives off the exact look of a high-end solid wood floor, however it is way too pocket-friendly and the most suitable option if you’re on a budget.



New patterns of semi solid flooring

New patterns of semi solid flooring


The Extensive Pattern Choices Of Our Parquet Flooring Dubai

Our parquet luxury flooring offers the most incomparable perk of infinite styling options and you can get just about any desired ornamental version of this quality treatment. All the pattern, color, shape and species options are totally endless, meaning you get a really vast spectrum to choose your favorite one from. Whether you’ve got classically styled places or like modern interior decors, you can always find the best aesthetic match to any and every space of your preference, amongst our versatile lineup of the Parquet flooring Dubai patterns and ahead is a quick description about the popular ones.

  • Herringbone Pattern:

Herringbone parquet pattern is the most frequently demanded choice which works wonders for a number of different interior scenarios. This pattern not just features the most graceful appearance but also is really easy to install.

  • Chevron Pattern:

The Chevron Parquet floor style features a zig zag pattern and appears somewhat similar to the herringbone style. Its installation manner results in the formation of a true point, instead of a staggered one and therefore tends to look more uniform.

  • Basket Weave Parquet Pattern:

This style of flooring is achieved by installing the parquet blocks, such that they appear exactly like the weaves of a basket. Though it isn’t technically a hardwood flooring, yet it’s an amazing and very unique choice to consider.

  • Brick Pattern: 

If you’re a fan of traditional brick floors, then this style of parquet luxury flooring is just the thing to go for. This pattern is indeed a very mind-blowing choice and can instantly perk up any of the interior space.

  • Stack Pattern:

This floor style comes with a uniform-looking pattern resembling a ladder look. It’s a simple yet suave choice and is the easiest to install, too, since the wooden boards only need to be stacked atop one another.

  • Checkerboard Pattern:

Checkerboard patterned Parquet Flooring Dubai is, fair enough, the most timelessly adorable selection which appears to be beyond engaging. Besides, the classic chessboard design is an incredible choice for commercial spaces, creating high-end decor.

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Advantages Of Parquet Flooring Dubai

Our Parquet luxury flooring not only is exceptional in terms of aesthetics but also is a really functional choice of a floor treatment.

Following are some of the worthwhile aspects that make Parquet wooden flooring worth going for:

  • This flooring features the sturdiest build quality, which explains the extreme durability
  • It stays tough against a number of factors, such as scuff marks, scratching and impact damage, similar to quality Vinyl Floors
  • Managing and maintaining this flooring is really convenient
  • Parquet Flooring Dubai is the best recommendation if you’re looking for a pet-friendly flooring
  • It contributes impressively to the good indoor air quality, has a completely non-toxic profile and doesn’t host bacterial or allergen accumulation, too.
  • The colors and patterns of this flooring remain unaffected even after years of usage, and this way the beauty stays inviting all along .
Best parquet flooring dubai



Parquet Wooden Flooring; The Most Valuable Floor Treatment

Our entirely exquisite parquet texture flooring is the worthiest choice of a flooring system, ideally suitable for both residential and commercial areas. These floors feature the kind of beauty which always seems the most welcoming, is versatile enough to provide for every requirement and can never possibly go outdated. Even if you don’t prefer really luxurious or detailed decors and just want the job to be done with a sole element, then our Parquet Flooring Dubai is simply the most effective solution for you. The aesthetic ideas created by this floor treatment are nearly endless and you can always induce your own creativity within, as well.

What Makes Our Parquet Wooden Floors Worth The Choice?

Our all-exclusive Flooring is the kind of treatment that has to do a lot with your lifestyle comfort, your aesthetic satisfaction and most importantly with pleasing you every single time. Being a quality hardwood flooring, it adds a great deal of delightful warmth to the interiors, in other words, maximum insulation, which of course, means more energy-efficiency. This way, it creates the coziest interior spaces and is just the most effective way to change the entire course of any given space.
Other comforting aspects of this luxury and durable flooring include the acoustic protection it offers, meaning you can totally say goodbye to noisy interiors. Besides, if you ever plan on selling your property, then the installation of this high-end flooring is a major factor that’s meant to benefit you with a reasonable resale value. This flooring choice is extremely cost-effective and apart from aesthetics and durability, you also get the perk of timeless performance.

Get The Most Adept Parquet Flooring Installation By Our Experts 

Flooring Mats Dubai is the one-stop solution for all of your home improvement requirements and this goes absolutely true for the treatment of Parquet Flooring Dubai, as well. In addition to providing you with the most sublime quality flooring systems, we’ve got you covered completely at the installation part, too. Our professionals take the right care of all the essentials of any and every flooring project, making the investment entirely worthwhile for you.

Hiring our experts will not just save you from all the major inconvenience of DIY installation attempts, but will also guarantee the best value for your money by ensuring the finest floor finishing and post-styling. And not to mention the fact that you can acquire all of this skill set completely on a budget from us.

So do give us a call and have your homes scheduled for an amazing flooring project.

parquet flooring Dubai
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Flooring Mats Dubai is the ultimate trustworthy provider for all of your residential and commercial decor requirements. We’ve got you the best of every home improvement and particularly the flooring treatments, with which you can improve your lifestyle like never before. Speaking of the floorings, our Parquet Flooring Dubai is one exceptionally amazing and high-performance floor solution for every surrounding place you can think of and the most promising one of all, too. Both its timeless beauty and durability are meant to provide you with the best value for your investment, and an entirely effortless maintenance, as well.

Do get in touch with us and we shall help you decide on the best flooring selection for your homes!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Parquet floors are made with heavy-duty materials to ensure their sturdy surface. They are the perfect choice to use in high-traffic areas. You will not see any fadness or damage on the parquet flooring with the high volume of foot traffic.

Parquet flooring is installed using different wood species. Some of the trendy choices include maple, oak, and ash. They give a very luxurious touch to your interiors. We apply additional finishing also, making it shiny and durable.

This flooring is one of the cost-effective solutions for any space. Their original beauty can be restored after many years by applying luxurious finishes. Installing parquet floor tiles is the best investment for your place.

This flooring is available in different textures and patterns, making it versatile to use anywhere. They can be installed in commercial settings with any decor style. Add an elegant look to your office with our modern parquet flooring in Dubai.

Parquet floors are known for being an eco-friendly and sustainable flooring choice. These floors are made of wood, which is a renewable source. There is less carbon footprint by using these floors in your place. They make your place highly energy efficient with optimal insulation.