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Enjoy Luxury with Our Parquet Flooring in Dubai

Flooring Mats Dubai has got you another remarkable floor treatment for your residential and commercial places: the iconic Parquet Flooring Dubai. We stock this classic, durable, and heavy-duty flooring in endless designs, colors, and patterns. This flooring will enhance your place’s beauty and comfort like never before and will give you excellent value for your money as well.


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Get Your Dream Home Looks with Our Wood Parquet Flooring

Our Parquet home flooring is the most luxurious, valuable, and opulent-looking floor treatment, which can instantly enhance the worth of any space in Dubai. We design this flooring with domestic and exotic wood species for the richest and most authentic looks.

You can choose parquet floors in Dubai to beautify any space, whether it has modern, minimalist aesthetics or classy traditional themes. Other than flooring, we provide complete fitting and installation services, and you can also get the parquet designs customized to your liking.

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Our Best Selling Parquet Flooring Patterns in Dubai

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This parquet Dubai flooring features staggered rectangular planks in a charming criss crossing pattern. It’s commonly made of solid Oak.


This luxurious flooring has small rectangular hardwood pieces in a classic V-shaped arrangement. Walnut is mainly used to make it.

Basket Weave

Such parquet flooring has short wooden patterns that slot together and form a basket weave-like pattern. This flooring is made from Cherry wood.

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Top Features

05 Key Features of Our Parquet Wood Flooring

This flooring is not just worthwhile due to its signature beauty, but also offers utility regarding plenty of other benefits too. From our parquet flooring company in Dubai, get this floor treatment to make them gorgeous. We’ve mentioned some of the main features of our parquet floors ahead.

1- Exceptional Durability:

Our parquet floor tiles in Dubai can easily last for ages straight in every kind of space, hence providing the best value for money.

2- Extraordinary Strength:

This flooring is highly tough against stains, scratches, impact damage, dents, temperature changes, and sun damage and can withstand high footfall.

3- Easy Upkeep:

Our parquet flooring is excellent at absorbing dirt, grease, and moisture and doesn’t get stained, making the cleaning quick and convenient.

4- Insulating Covering:

It keeps interiors cozy and also minimizes the temperature fluctuation in the interior. This way, you can be sure that your floor is not absorbing heat.

5- Greater Safety:

It makes floors safe and anti-slip to walk over and does not get slippery even when wet, hence also suitable for staircases.

Get Your Favorite Parquet Floorings Installed By Us

Flooring Mats Dubai also provides affordable, fast and long-term favorable installation services for Parquet Flooring Dubai. Our all-inclusive skill set will make your home way more comfortable, inviting, warm and energy-efficient than before. Besides, you can be rest assured about the longevity of your chosen parquet home flooring as well, which is not possible with DIY fittings.

Our flooring fitting and styling excellence will save you from all the bothersome steps of measuring and fitting, plus there will be no material wastage either. In addition to installation, we also offer custom installing patterns for parquet blocks and planks, a service with which you can enjoy a personalized floor look.

Just give us a call or send an email and we shall be heading to your place right away for a value-for-money home improvement. Our services are available in all parts of Dubai.

wood parquet floor in UAE
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We provide the quickest and most efficient parquet flooring installation in Dubai for residential and commercial places.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes, it is possible to install LVP over an existing parquet floor. However, it is crucial to make the subfloor perfectly leveled, dry and free from all imperfections. Moreover, the parquet floor must be free from moisture damage and perfectly stable and securely fitted to get the best results.

It’s a classic type of parquet wooden flooring which stands out with its unique zig zag patterns. This flooring has a more clean and attractive appearance than herringbone parquet and is a perfect choice to improve the value of any property. It is extremely durable and cost-effective.

Yes, an expansion gap is required during parquet flooring installation because the planks are likely to expand and contract due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels. If there’s no gap for the wood planks to move, they can end up getting cupped, buckled or even cracked.

Minor cracks in parquet floors can be fixed with the help of wood filler or sawdust and glue. As for moderate ones, epoxy resin (for deeper cracks) and splice repairs (for larger cracks) can be considered. In case of very severe damages or uneven floors, professional help is a must.

Our Parquet Wooden Flooring is an extremely heavy-duty floor covering and it has the potential to last for several decades on end. And if cared for well, it can even last up to a century. If you want maximum durability, opt for hardwood species which are extremely long-lasting like Oak.