Three Reasons To Remove Your Shoes Before Walking On Hardwood Floors

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The most common reason for which your floor gets dirty right after the cleaning is that someone may enter your home with shoes. Their shoes definitely carry a lot of dust and debris which ruins the outlook of your floor. More specifically when it comes to floors you try your hardest to keep the floor safe, secure, and clean.

You must keep in mind that cleaning a floor is easy but if it gets stained by something sturdy then it might be difficult to recover its original appeal so easily. So in order to make you comfortable with this, we are to let you know more about why you need to remove your shoes before walking on hardwood floors.

Basic Three Reasons To Remove Your Shoes Before Walking On Hardwood Floors

Keeping your wooden flooring neat and clean is all that you need to maintain the look of your house, as your floor is probably the first thing that anyone will look at after stepping into your home. One of the easiest ways to keep your floor protected and clean is to remove your shoes outside.

You can use comfortable slippers that’ll surely make you feel better when walking on your floor. Doing this saves your floor from extra dust, debris & scrapes & will surely add to enhancing your floor life. For your concern, if you want to know why you need to remove your shoes, read the reasons listed below.

1. Shoes Carry Germs Dress Shows On A Hardwood Floor

This is one of the reasons to remove your shoes before you step onto your floor. You walk around everywhere with your shoes and the outside dust, debris, garbage & germs may stick to them.

If you move into your home with those shoes then your floor will get dirty and look horrible. They will also leave germs on the floor that can cause allergies and may harm your toddler (if you have one). Considering the global facts, it has been revealed that athletic shoes or any other type of shoes carry bacteria that can be the reason for senior illness if you don’t consider leaving them outside.

So, in order to keep your floor safe & Secure & also if your family safety is your biggest concern then you must consider removing your shoes before walking on wooden floors.

Shoes Carry Germs Dress Shows On A Hardwood Floor

2. Shoes Are Just Plain Dirty

There are some types of shoes that actually are not made of any type of harmful material and are prone to leave any bacterial infection. You are lucky if you have those types of shoes. But if this is the case that means your shoes are plain dirty.

All the outside dust, mud, and grim will stick to the sole and will come inside your home as soon as you enter your home. If you move around your home with the same shoes then your house will get dirty every time you walk around. This will make your maintenance routine more hectic and you have to clean your floor more frequently.

Vacuuming your floor or cleaning it with a damp mop with any type of detergent more frequently than the required time will reduce the lifespan of your floor. And your floor outlook will also be compromised as it may minimize the glossy finish of your hardwood floor.

3. Hardwood Floor May Get Scratched With Shoes

Here comes one of the top reasons to remove your shoes before walking on wood floors is that shoes can cause scratches to your floor. There is an overwhelming range of shoes available in the market with sturdy soles more likely athletic shoes.

The soles of those shoes are directed to walk on concrete floors or surfaces outside the home that are filled with mud, dust & grim. The soles are hefty and can leave scratches on the floor. And I actually don’t need to explain that a scratched floor ruins the overall look of the house and also reduces its value.

And your flooring is actually a big investment, you can’t change it every month or year, it must last long ( almost 10 – 20 years). So you must play your part in enhancing the life of your floor by removing your shoes before you walk on the floor.

Hardwood Floor May Get Scratched With Shoes

Do Consider This

Consider wearing a certain pair of shoes or slippers for the duration of your stay at home. Many individuals also prefer to have additional house shoes or warm socks on hand for their visitors to keep their feet toasty.

Make sure they’re clean, to begin with, and inspect them on a regular basis to ensure they stay that way. Select a pair with a soft or rubber sole. They leave the least amount of wear on the wood and give just enough grip to avoid slips and falls. Wear your house shoes only inside the home and your normal shoes outdoors. This can extend the life of your flooring by three years before they need to be refinished.

In The End!

Now that you know the Reasons to Remove Your Shoes Before Walking on Hardwood Floors in your home, you can enjoy your beautiful floors for years without any significant damage. Knowing these reasons will keep your home safe and secure and your flooring will last long for more years to come.

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