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How To Keep Dogs From Peeing On Rugs?

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Everyone loves to have pets in their spaces. I am sure your younger ones would be excited to bring a new dog or puppy into the house. They love to have sweet & innocent puppies to play with and they can spend quality time.

On the other hand, it is quite a difficult time for you, this is because having new members in your home and adjusting with them is quite difficult. First, you need to teach them, make them comfortable with your family and gatherings. There are chances that the dog or most probably puppy is not trained and you might have to go through some serious circumstances in terms of the cleanliness of your house.

So you need to take some extra measures to train them in order to not pee on your rugs to adjust in your home environment. Here in this article, we will go through a list of caution that you can follow to keep the dogs from peeing on rugs.

Important Tips To Keep Dogs From Peeing On Rugs

Anyone having pets, especially dogs must read this article. Keeping pets might be your wish but you also wanted to keep your house neat and clean. And having pets can make you peel worse if they are not properly trained and pee anywhere on your luxury carpet or rugs.

This may embrace you in front of your friends or the smell might make you feel worse. So in order to avoid facing these types of circumstances, you consider the tip to keep dogs from peeing on rugs Dubai. Let’s have a look!

Retrain Your Dog, If He’s Not Trained

If your dog is not trained enough to avoid peeing on your carpets and rugs and keep doing it with the routine then you must retrain them. There are several techniques that you can follow to train your dog for not peeing anywhere around. This is actually a bad habit and needs to be eliminated.

You can also opt for hiring a professional pet trainer who can train your dog for several things. This would be great to keep your place clean and your pet will be trained for many other things too.

Give Your Dog Frequent Potty Breaks

One of the reasons puppies and dogs pee on area rugs and carpets inside is that they are not given enough toilet breaks. Even house-trained dogs will pee on area rugs if they are trapped inside for an extended period of time.

Make sure your dog gets frequent bathroom breaks to prevent indoor urine from becoming a problem in your home. Consider it as a good practice to avoid having dirty and smelly rugs.

Box Your Dog When You Aren’t Home

If you’re going out for a few hours, ensure your puppy or dog is safely contained in a crate. In a limited place, dogs are less likely to pee inside since they would have to be in close proximity to the odor, which they don’t appreciate. However, make sure you don’t leave your dog at home for more than a few hours.

Keep Your Dog Away With a Simple Vinegar Solution

It might be strange to know how a vinegar solution keeps dogs from peeing on rugs. But, yes this is an effective remedy that can make a huge difference. A homemade vinegar cleaning solution works best for cleaning your rugs when you have pets at your home. It is great for getting rid of the urine odor if your dog has already peed on the rug.

Moreover, this solution can also deter them from peeing on that carpet again. This is because vinegar has an acidic smell, which keeps them away from the same carpet because dogs don’t like the smell of vinegar. So this can prove to be a smart remedy for keeping the pets away from your stylish and comfortable rugs.

Consider Using A Baking Soda Solution

While a baking soda and water solution will not necessarily repel your dog, baking soda has powerful odor-removing properties, thus it will remove smells from prior accidents your dog has had on the carpet, making your dog less inclined to pee on your carpet again.

Try Lemon Juice

Dogs loathe the acidic scent of lemon juice much as they do vinegar. This implies that if a homeowner wants to keep their dog from peeing on their furniture or on throw rugs that they seem to like urinating on they have a way to get rid of it.

All they have to do is apply a lemon-scented DIY cleaning solution to prevent future mishaps. A freshly squeezed lemon diluted with water and softly misted over your area rug or throw should stop your dog from having another accident there.

Keep An Eye On Your Dog

If you’ve recently adopted a new furry family member and your dog is still getting acclimated to the layout and scents of your house you need to work it out. Keep a tight check on him for the first week or two.

If You don’t want indoor urinating to develop a habit or don’t want to have to scrub dog urine odors from your rugs all the time then be careful. Keep an eye on your dog or puppy, don’t allow them out of your sight, and be aware of when it’s time to go pee.

Use a Commercial Carpet Solution

You are surely not the first pet owner to have dog pee on brand-new carpet and rugs, and you will undoubtedly not be the last. Commercial cleaning solutions are a simple and efficient approach to removing urine odors from your throw rug.

They also prevent future incidents. Common Ingredients like lemongrass or cinnamon in commercial carpet cleaning solutions deter your dog or puppy from urinating on the area again.

In The End!

If your dog pees on your rugs or carpets then it doesn’t mean that you get rid of them or decide not to have a pet again. In fact, we have listed several possible solutions to get you out of this problem and would surely eliminate all the issues.

You just need to read all of it with keen attention, just follow the tips, most importantly train your dog and you’ll surely have to do nothing if he’s gentle enough to where he’s supposed to go when he feels like pee.

Hope you’ll find this article informative and you’ll follow the instructions to enjoy having your favorite pet at your place with you without being irritated by any issues!

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