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Flooring Mats Dubai presents to you the finest and most long-lasting floor mats for home. Our latest Flooring Mats collection contains attractive, luxurious and heavy-duty options for every areas. Transform any space into a haven of comfort and safety with our soft, anti-slip mats. Explore our trendsetting collections today and find the perfect finishing touch for your hom

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The Versatility of Our Mats for Floors

We provide luxurious, hard-wearing and soft flooring mats for all areas and settings. You can have these mats for all kinds of purposes ranging from fitness activities to welcome area floor covering. Moreover, our mats come in multiple shapes, sizes and thickness levels to cater to all kinds of requirements, along with pre-attached underlayment’s too.

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Ultimate Floor Protection

Our thick and dense gym mats keep floors dry and free from stains, foot traffic and impact damage.


Comfort And Safety

These mats make surfaces extremely soft and anti-slip to prevent injuries and fatigue during workouts and regular use.


Heavy Duty Working

They can easily withstand higher levels of foot traffic, heavy furniture and equipment placement, accidental droppings and shocks.


Easy Upkeep Needs

Cleaning and maintaining these mats is completely effortless and cheap, as they don’t get stained or soiled quickly

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We are the top-notch provider of residential and commercial mats in all areas of Dubai

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Flooring Mats Dubai is a renowned brand in the UAE where you can find the most suitable floor covering options for any desired place and requirements. From welcome matting to car floor mats Dubai, we offer every choice at affordable rates and with the complete set of services. Shop today for exclusive discounts!

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

You can contact us round the clock, for any other queries.

Some of the best material recommendations for 3d car floor mats Dubai are TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), Vinyl, Nylon, Polyester and Rubber. For choosing the best option, you have to consider your usage and style requirements along with extent of use and surrounding climate.

Yes, our floor mats Dubai are highly effective at noise reduction and placing them next to entrances or staircases helps with comfort enhancement. If sound absorption is your major requirement, you can get our specialized felt and rubber mats with high thickness and density.

For cutting thick rubber mats, you can either make use of a sharp utility knife along a straight edge or a jigsaw having a metal cutting blade. The best and most effective approach in this regard is to employ blades that are particularly designed for cutting rubber or metal.

The longevity of a floor matting majorly depends on how it is used and how often it is maintained. Besides, certain materials such as rubber and PVC are more durable than others, like fabric options. Also, TPE mats offer quite a decent level of longevity and performance.

This mainly depends on the extent of foot traffic they receive as well as the weather conditions around. Mats in high-traffic areas need to be swept daily or every other day, whereas those used less frequently can be swept thrice a week or whenever they get heavily soiled, stained, etc.