Tips to Install Parquet Flooring

Parquet Flooring can add a limitless personality to any lifestyle. Whatever style you choose, this type can be further enhanced by the type of hinge of the lock. Regardless of which design you pick, you’re certain to have an enriching highlight that is ideal for kitchens and lounge rooms.

It is comprises trimmed wood tile squares with repeated designs produced using short blocks of wood. The tiles are produced using solid wood or laminated wood facade and can be introduced utilizing flooring glue or nails. Accessible in a wide assortment of tones and patterns, parquet tiles are a sturdy and moderately modest ground surface alternative that can improve the presence of any room’s stylistic theme. This article will explain how to install parquet flooring Dubai accurately.

Cleaning of parquet flooring Dubai

Floor skirting

Floor skirting

Installation of parquet Floors

Installation of parquet Floors

Cutting the parquet tiles

Cutting the parquet tiles

Glue down the parquet flooring tiles

Glue down the parquet flooring tiles

Set the Parquet floor level

Set the Parquet floor level

How to install Your Parquet Flooring

1. Prepare the subfloor

Uncover the subfloor and eliminate all baseboards and shoe shaping. Use the flooring leveling material. For making a smoother base, spread this compound over elevated areas until the whole floor is at the same level. If there are more spots on the subfloor then you may use a belt sander to evenly smooth the overall flooring area. Eliminate all residue and trash from the subfloor. Start by vacuuming; at that point, use a moist material to wipe any excess residue.

Prepare the Subfloor

2. Plan Your Floor Layout

Before you begin installing any parquet tiles on the floor, you’ll need to decide the pattern. In a rectangular room, it’s simpler to track down the middle place of the room and work out from that point to make a steady plan. If you are working in an odd space like a kitchen you must consider starting your project along the biggest wall. It’ll make your tile arrangement easier. This includes turning the tiles to make interesting patterns on the floor. It frequently assists with setting out enormous patterns of tiles.

plan your parquet layout

3. Glue Down the Tiles

Now you can start fixing your parquet tiles to the base that you have prepared. As per the installation instruction, you must consider leaving an expansion gap between the tiles. This gap is about one-quarter inch in many cases.

Start from the small sections, use the adhesive as per manufacturer recommendation. Use a notched trowel to mark the recommended gap between the parquet tiles. Align the tiles as per the desired pattern and keep fixing them until the section of adhesive is covered. Gently press the tiles while you are aligning them, applying too much pressure can damage your parquet tile. Keep installing the tiles in a small section until the floor is covered. At the corner or wall area, full tile will not be installed. Use a jigsaw to cut the tiles to make them fit.

Glue Down the Tiles

4. Roll the Floor

Once you install parquet tiles, you can easily move over the floor surface. You must use a weather roller on the floor to perfectly stick the tiles to the floor. It is actually not necessary to do it if you have used a good quality adhesive, but it can ensure the perfect installation of tiles in place.

After applying the roller, wait for a day to move over the floor or slide any kind of heavy furniture piece of machinery. The adhesive you used for pasting time needs almost a day to set up completely and keep the tiles firmly standing at their place.

Roll the Subfloor

5. Sand the Floor

Now your parquet floor is installed, you can start giving a finishing touch to your floor. Although some tiles are pre-finished, some tiles need sanding and staining. You can use a professional orbital flooring sander. You can use different grit sandpaper-like starts from 80,100 or 120 etc. Moreover, from corners or under the cabinets you will have to sand by hand.

If the tiles you used are made up of a single wooden piece, then you can apply a stain. Further, you can also apply a clear polyurethane finish with foam to protect your flooring. After the first coat, apply sand and then apply the second coat of polyurethane finish.

sand the parquet floors


By following the above guide, you can create a stunningly attractive floor. You can create unique patterns with unique parquet flooring tiles. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions before you start installing your floor. You can also avail professional services to get your floor installed. is a well-known firm offering fixing and installation services for parquet flooring. You can avail yourself of budget-friendly services!

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